Cezary Stypułkowski leaves mBank

On 4 July 2024 Cezary Stypułkowski handed in his resignation as president of the management board of mBank with immediate effect. His resignation was submitted following consultations with the Supervisory Board and is an integral part of the succession process. The proce...
Decisions of the Supervisory Board on the Management Board of mBank

The Supervisory Board conditionally appointed Cezary Kocik for the position of CEO of mBank. At the same time, the Remuneration and Nomination Committee recommended to the Supervisory Board the selection of Krzysztof Bratos as candidate for the position of Vice-President...
The supervisory board accepted Cezary Kocik as a candidate for President of the Management Board of mBank S.A.

Today (26 April 2024) the remuneration and nomination committee recommended to the supervisory board Cezary Kocik as a candidate for president of the management board of mBank S.A. The supervisory board accepted the committee’s recommendation.
mBank Group posts record-high income for 2023

Last year, mBank Group recorded the highest operating result in history. However, its bottom line was hit by provisions for Swiss franc loans.
mBank posts excellent operating results

mBank Group reports solid operating results in Q3 2023, with its profit before tax from core operations exceeding PLN 1.5 billion.
mBank continues its streak of excellent operating results

In the previous quarter, mBank improved its operating results again, with its total income reaching a record high. The key component of total income, net interest income, was historically high at PLN 2.2 billion, up by 29% year on year. At the same time, the bank created...
mBank posts H1 profit despite provisions

mBank has published the amount of legal risk costs connected with CHF mortgages in Q2. Additional provisions were made to cover the potential consequences of the CJEU ruling regarding remuneration for the use of capital and the costs of settlements. The bank has already ...
Strong Q1 operating results give mBank a solid start into 2023

mBank entered the year with upbeat operating results. Revenues hit a record high of PLN 2.5 billion. Net profit of PLN 143 million was dented by legal risk costs connected with the CHF loan portfolio. The bank was active in offering settlements to CHF borrowers, with th...
The new Vice-President of the Management Board for Compliance, Legal and HR at mBank

The position of Vice-President of the Management Board for Compliance, Legal and HR will be created in the Management Board of mBank. The supervisory board of the bank recommended Mrs. Julia Nusser, the managing director of Commerzbank, for this role.
mBank reports solid operational results for 2022 weighed down by legal costs and state-imposed burdens

In 2022, mBank Group reported a net loss of PLN 703 million. It marked the second negative result in a row. However, the loss did not by any means result from the weakness of its core business, but was caused by the state interventions and the bank’s decision to book hig...
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