Good performance amid difficult environment – mBank’s results in Q2 2022

In Q2, mBank posted a record-high income (over PLN 2.2 billion); however, higher costs and contributions squeezed its net profit to PLN 229.7 million.
Credit Information Bureau (BIK) invests in mAccelerator fintech

On May 30th , 2022, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej added the Digital Fingerprints brand to its portfolio – the creator of solutions in the field of behavioural biometrics. Thanks to the acquisition of the Polish fintech, the innovative technology strengthens the digital ars...
mBank posted excellent operating results amid unstable environment

For the first time in its history, mBank Group’s total quarterly income exceeded PLN 2 billion. The bank’s net profit in Q1 2022 stood at over PLN 512 million. 
mBank and PGGM enter into PLN 9 billion credit risk sharing transaction

mBank and PGGM have entered into a credit risk sharing transaction based on the Polish bank’s corporate loans portfolio. The transaction relates to a PLN 9 billion portfolio of loans to large, medium and small Polish corporates. The transaction marks the first partnershi...
mBank’s results in 2021: core income hits all-time high

Despite a net loss generated in 2021, mBank Group reported the highest core income in its history exceeding PLN 1.6 billion and record-high income of more than PLN 6 billion. The legal risk provisions set up for CHF loans secure the Group’s position in the future. At the...
mBank’s New Strategy: From the Icon of Mobility to the Icon of Possibilities

mBank aspires to become a leader of sustainable banking and ESG within the next few years. It plans to actively finance environmentally-friendly investment projects and support the green transformation of clients operating in traditional industries. The bank will also co...
mBank’s Strong Performance in Q3 2021
In Q3 mBank posted a record-high core income. This was coupled with a rise in its market share, both in loans and deposits. Risk costs fell.
mBank’s results in Q2 2021: robust performance of core business and dynamic business growth
In Q2 2021 core income hovered near a record high, with net profit at PLN 108 million. The bank’s market shares in the household segment were also on the rise, while the number of companies served by Corporate Banking exceeded 30,000.
Good operating performance of core business - results of mBank Group Q1 2021
The profit before income tax generated by mBank Group in Q1 2021 stood at PLN 504.3 million, while net profit attributable to the owners of mBank reached PLN 317.1 million. In Q1 2021 total income decreased slightly while total costs increased compared to the previous qu...
Income of mBank hit record high

Thanks to its unique business model and consistently implemented strategy, mBank Group developed dynamically in 2019. Income of mBank hit record high and totalled more than PLN 5.5 billion. Net profit stood at PLN 1,010.4 million.
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