Andreas Böger, Vice-President of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer has resigned effective 30 April 2023. He will take on the position of Divisional Board Member responsible for Group Finance at Commerzbank.

18 January 2023

In Q3 2022, mBank’s income hit a record high, which was coupled by rising market shares and strong client acquisition. However, the financial performance was adversely affected by a number of one-off factors, in particular the so-called credit holiday and costs of legal ...

8 November 2022

mBank proposes attractive settlements to its clients who are repaying loans in CHF. It reduces the loan principal and offers semi-fixed interest at a competitive level of 4.99%. The process of signing settlements is simple and does not burden borrowers with red tape.

7 November 2022

SBTi will check whether mBank’s decarbonisation pathway is in line with scientific evidence regarding global warming. Climate protection is a vital component of mBank’s strategy.

13 October 2022

mBank has released the amount of legal risk costs connected with CHF mortgages for Q3 and their impact on the bank’s financial performance in 2022. In addition, the bank has announced a settlement programme for all CHF borrowers due to start in October.

27 September 2022

In Q2, mBank posted a record-high income (over PLN 2.2 billion); however, higher costs and contributions squeezed its net profit to PLN 229.7 million.

3 August 2022

On May 30th , 2022, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej added the Digital Fingerprints brand to its portfolio – the creator of solutions in the field of behavioural biometrics. Thanks to the acquisition of the Polish fintech, the innovative technology strengthens the digital ars...

1 June 2022

For the first time in its history, mBank Group’s total quarterly income exceeded PLN 2 billion. The bank’s net profit in Q1 2022 stood at over PLN 512 million. 

11 May 2022

mBank and PGGM have entered into a credit risk sharing transaction based on the Polish bank’s corporate loans portfolio. The transaction relates to a PLN 9 billion portfolio of loans to large, medium and small Polish corporates. The transaction marks the first partnershi...

24 March 2022

Despite a net loss generated in 2021, mBank Group reported the highest core income in its history exceeding PLN 1.6 billion and record-high income of more than PLN 6 billion. The legal risk provisions set up for CHF loans secure the Group’s position in the future. At the...

9 February 2022