A new Board Member for Finance at BRE Bank

A new Board Member for Finance at BRE Bank

At the meeting of BRE Bank’s Supervisory Board on September 5, its Chairman, Maciej Leśny, will recommend Karin Katerbau as a candidate for position of the Board Member for Finance. Ms. Katerbau will replace in this position Andre Carls - Vice-President for Finance who is to move to BRE Bank’s Supervisory Board at the same time.

„Both Karin Katerbau´s ample experience in banking and finance management and her responsibility as a manager are to me a guarantee that she´s the right person for the position of the Board Member for Finance” – says Maciej Leśny, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BRE Bank.

Karin Katerbau has nearly 20 years´experience in banking. She started her career in 1990 with Société Générale – Elsässische Bank & Co in Frankfurt as the position of a credit analyst and then as a corporate client manager.  
She has been with the Commerzbank Group since September 1994. She has an ample experience, acquired, among others as Head of Relationship Management for Multinational Corporates and Structured Finance at Commmerzbank Budapest RT. After coming back to Germany until 1999, she worked in the area of Central Relationship Management, and then for two years she was a Key Client Manager in the Department of Investment Banking Products on German and European markets.

Since 2001 she has been working with comdirect bank AG, one of Commerzbank´s subsidiaries, holding subsequent managerial positions in all strategic areas of the company´s operations, including: Investment Banking and Product Management, Finance and Controlling, Customers Services and Business Development.  In 2004 she became Chief Financial Officer of comdirect bank AG, and in March this year she was promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer of the Private and Business Client Segment at  Commerzbank.

Karin Katerbau studied at the University of Applied Science Reutlingen (Germany) and at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Reims (France), and graduated with both German and French diploma.

Presently, the Management Board of BRE Bank is composed of the following: Mariusz Grendowicz- President of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Andre Carls (until September 5, 2008) - Vice-president of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer, Wiesław Thor- Vice-President of the Management Board, Head of Risk Management, Bernd Loewen – Board Member, Head of Investment Banking, Jarosław Mastalerz- Board Member, Head of Retail Banking and Christian Rhino - Board Member, Head of Operations and IT.

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