mBank Is Changing. New Logo, Transactional Service, Expanded Offer

mBank Is Changing. New Logo, Transactional Service, Expanded Offer

mBank’s new transactional service, built from scratch, has now been launched. Along with it, the bank has refreshed its image with a completely new logo, which will replace BRE Group’s other brands later this year. mBank is also launching the new Premium Offer for affluent customers as well as a “starter” offering.

The changes in the BRE Group announced over the past months begin with retail banking. mBank’s new logo, which individual customers will experience as of 4 June (among others on the new information website, will showcase the launch of the all-new transactional service previously known as the “new mBank project.” A broader offer which combines existing and new features will initiate the process of integration of BRE Bank brands under one single brand: mBank, which will replace the existing brands: mBank, MultiBank and BRE Bank.

One Bank: mBank“The times we live in require significant flexibility and simplicity. In this context, the mBank brand selected from a range of brands in our portfolio is the best. A global Value-D study (by Millward Brown SMG/KRC) suggests that the brand is very strong, also globally. It is legible, flexible and comprehensible everywhere. It still has a large potential. I do believe that it will take us forward in the long term as one of the drivers of our winning market position,” said Cezary Stypułkowski, CEO of BRE Bank.The mBank brand was conceived 13 years ago for Poland’s first on-line bank, a part of BRE Bank. Today, mBank serves 3.5 million customers in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.“We believe that a single strong brand will help us strengthen our position on the banking market and optimise the use of marketing budgets. From now on, every promotion campaign will build our image and brand awareness among all our customers irrespective of the segment addressed by our activities,” said Mr Stypułkowski. “Furthermore, the One Bank projects entails improved cost and organisational efficiency,” stressed BRE Bank’s CEO

.The new mBank logo designed in partnership with BNA will vary depending on the type of offer. Consequently, the visual identity project has developed five different colour versions of the logo
- :basic logo (leading “umbrella” logo of the Group, to replace the existing mBank logo);
- affluent logo (addressed to affluent customers – mBank’s Premium Offer, to replace the MultiBank brand);
- corporate logo (corporate banking offer logo, to replace the BRE Bank logo);
- business logo (offer for business clients, previously served by mBank and MultiBank)
- private banking logo (private banking offer).

Each segment is a coherent whole, on the one hand distinguished by the colour range, and on the other hand consistent through a single brand structure. The new identification system will highlight the BRE Group’s adaptability to different customer segments by drawing on the bank’s extensive experience of 27 years in the financial markets.In the first phase of rebranding, the new logos will feature in the offer of the existing mBank (as of 4 June 2013). The BRE and MultiBank brands will stay in use until November 2013, when the new brand will replace them. It is also at that time that the bank’s subsidiaries, including DI BRE and BRE Private Banking & Wealth Management, will be rebranded.The planned changes impact largely the image of the BRE Group and aim to create a comprehensive banking offer accessible from a single platform under one logo. Introduction of the new logos does not change the BRE Bank customer service model.mBank’s New On-line ServicesThe logo is not the only new feature of mBank. A new information service and a new transactional service are also available as of 4 June.

The information website at is the main communication vehicle of the new brand. It features all the necessary information about the changes. The service has been designed and developed by Artegence and Intercon Systems.The new transactional service (the “new mBank”) has been built from scratch by a team of 200 bank staff in collaboration with partners including Accenture, Artegence and Meniga. As a result, the existing products and services will be more accessible and more user-friendly among others thanks to design. The new mBank interface is radically different from the existing service.“It has been our ambition to design a simple, transparent, functional and enjoyable electronic banking service that offers useful features as well as friendly design including intuitive navigation and aesthetics unheard of in finance,” said Michał Panowicz, New mBank Project Manager.

“Furthermore, we rely on innovative technological solutions, never before used in on-line banking. As a result, that the launch of the new transactional service puts us in the global lead of top innovative banks,” said Jarosław Mastalerz, BRE Bank Vice-President for Operations and IT.The new service offers more than good design: it stands for more than 200 new functions and improvements. Customers have already discovered the key elements of the project thanks to “mBank reinvented,” a pre-launch campaign initiated in April 2013.

In addition to design, these include:
- mOKAZJE rebate programme which allows shoppers to earn as they spend without an extra effort thanks to cash-back features; customers themselves decide which offers suit them best (the programme will be available both on Facebook and directly in the transactional service);
- smart transaction search engine: finding without looking, which makes a search through transaction history as easy as in the internet, with results displayed in real time;money transfers via SMS and Facebook, where customers need not remember or ask for account numbers and can use phone numbers or social network connections instead;
- transfers will be akin to messages sent with cash attached;personal finance management (PFM), facilitating management of the household budget to avoid unpleasant surprises in the account balance at the end of the month; the system will clearly explain when money was spent and what for, and present a forecast by the end of the month;
- on-line expert available 24/7 via a video or voice connection and chat, because some business can’t wait (feature to be available in the summer).

Another important element, which customers can discover as soon as they log in the new mBank service, is mGRA, Poland’s first gamification solution implemented in a bank’s transactional service. The module helps users to discover mBank’s new tools and functions. The game explains in a user-friendly way how to use the new features and rewards users for correct completion of challenges.mBank’s new transactional service will at first be available to customers who have signed up on (during the pre-launch campaign). It will also be the basic service for new users opening an account with mBank. It will later become the platform for 4.2 million customers of BRE’s retail banking (including MultiBank and mBank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia).“We will encourage mBank’s existing customers to log in the new transactional service. However, we want them to choose the best time for the transition,” said Cezary Kocik, BRE Bank’s Vice-President for Retail Banking. “To facilitate this, users who select the new service may go back to the previous version, which should help them especially in the first phase of discovering how to use the service,” said Mr Kocik.mBank’s Expanded OfferAs of 4 June, mBank customers can also use new products including the Premium Offer for affluent customers, which highlights mBank’s universal reach. Drawing upon the experience of MultiBank, the bank offers affluent customer accounts including mKONTO Aquarius and mKONTO Aquarius Intensive.

“The inspiration of MultiBank sends a clear message that, once we have created one universal bank within the BRE Group, we will rely on the existing experience of relations with affluent customers, previously served successfully by MultiBank,” said Cezary Kocik. In addition to affluent customer accounts, the bank will offer two premium debit cards: MasterCard Aquarius and its Visa equivalent as well as the black credit card World Elite MasterCard.“Importantly, the bank will not change its basic offer. The eKONTO account for PLN 0 remains our flagship product but customers will have bigger opportunities to use the bank’s offer,” said Mr Kocik.Several weeks ago, the bank launched a new on-line account with free-of-charge ATM use. As of June, customers can manage their finance not only on-line but also in MultiBank branches. Customers who want to actively use this option can open a new checking and savings account, mKONTO Multi, which offers reduced fees for transactions at the bank’s branches.mBank will continue to offer the free-of-charge business account mBIZNES Konto, now available also to partners in limited liability companies, registered associations and condominiums.

“Starter” offerFurthermore, customers who now open an account with mBank can take advantage of special promotions:cash-back up to PLN 500 for opening an account and using mOKAZJE; rules:
(1) cash-back of 20 percent on the first purchase paid with an mBank card (minimum PLN 100 spent at any store); the maximum cash-back is PLN 20;
(2) in the next 10 months, cash-back of at lest 20 percent of money spent with one of several mOKAZJA partners (shopping at a selected store in a category covered by promotion within the month); total cash-back up to PLN 280;
(3) a year after the account is opened, an additional bonus of PLN 200 available if the customer paid at least PLN 250 per month with the card;revolving loan or credit card limit, at no commission, promotional interest rate of 9.9 percent for 12 months;
 a limit up to PLN 1.5 thousand granted in a simplified procedure;cash-back of 1 percent of assets invested in funds via the on-line platform Investment Fund Supermarket (acquisitions at MultiBank branches free of handling fees); customers may choose among ca. 20 funds offered by different fund managers (balanced and equity funds); to be eligible for the cash-back, an investment must be held by the year’s end.For more information about offered products and promotions, visit the bank’s new information website at

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