Efma awards: mBank overcame competitors from five continents

Efma awards: mBank overcame competitors from five continents

In the global competition for the best banking projects, mBank, as the only Polish bank, has won three awards, overcoming competitors from five continents. The mobile loan in 30 seconds turned out to be the most promising idea out of the analysed projects. Awarded in two categories, the rebate programme mOkazje helped the bank win the position of not only an undisputed leader in everyday banking, but also of an institution that is radically changing its image thanks to innovative solutions.

The annual competition "Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Retail Financial Services" is organised by Efma, an organisation that brings together over 3.3 thousand financial institutions from more than 130 countries, and Accenture, a company specialising in modern technologies, consulting and outsourcing services. The competition is intended to award the best and most innovative projects in the retail financial services industry. The projects are proposed by financial institutions. The decision on the ranking depends to an equal extent on the results of a voting by a panel of judges composed of several dozen members of management boards of the biggest retail banks in the world and the results of an on-line voting conducted among Efma members.

This year nearly 600 projects developed by over 250 institutions representing 69 countries from five continents were entered for the competition. What is important, mBank was the only Polish bank to receive an award. Moreover, it was the only institution that was awarded in three categories.

mBank ranked first in "The Most Promising Idea" category thanks to its loan in 30 seconds, giving customers instant and simple access to additional cash with the use of the bank's mobile application. This category is dedicated to new ideas which are likely to change the banking industry.mOkazje, Europe's first discount scheme with special offers sponsored by the bank's partners prepared on the basis of the customer's profile and spending patterns gave mBank victory in the new category called "Everyday Banking". Thanks to the innovative discount platform, mBank could again score first in "The Most Disruptive Innovation" category rewarding institutions that change the image of the global banking industry. This category is of special importance as it includes all the projects entered for the competition.

– We have again shown that the solutions we deliver are innovative and competitive not only in the domestic and European market but also globally. Therefore, mBank serves today as a benchmark for other financial institutions. Thanks to our innovations, customers may be sure that mBank offers them more than its competitors – said Cezary Stypułkowski, CEO of mBank.In the last year's Efma competition mBank received two awards. It was hailed as "The Most Disruptive Innovation" and the best online and mobile bank, winning in the "Digital and Mobile Excellence" category.

The "Distribution & Marketing Innovation in Retail Financial Services" awards are not the only international prize that mBank won this year. Earlier this year, Celent Research experts selected mBank as number one in the "Digital Model Bank" category, calling it an institution that makes the best use of technology in banking. The bank was also among the winners of the "Bank Innovation Awards 2014" competition organised by Bank Innovation, an American website dedicated to financial services. The bank was hailed as one of the most innovative companies of the global financial services industry. mBank's technological solutions were also noticed by the Forrester company whose reports praise the bank as a mobile and online banking leader in not only the European, but also global market.

For more information about the competition and Efma organisation visit: www.efma.com/accenture