Higher Income and Lower Risk Cost of mBank

Higher Income and Lower Risk Cost of mBank

Rebranding, new online banking and solutions for corporates, and increase of the annual profit to more than PLN 1.2 billion were mBank’s milestones in 2013.

The mBank Group generated a profit before tax of PLN 405.5 million in Q4 2013, an increase of more than 14 percent quarter on quarter. The net profit attributable to the shareholders increased by nearly 9 percent to PLN 314.2 million.

“The very good results were driven mainly by our higher income, which increased by 2 percent quarter on quarter to PLN 964 million, the highest figure ever in the history of the bank, as well as lower cost of risk. The latter was as much as a third lower than in Q3,” said Cezary Stypułkowski, CEO of mBank. The bank’s capital ratios remained high and safe. The capital adequacy ratio was 19.4 percent and the Core Tier 1 ratio was 14.2 percent.“It is crucial that the bank is growing organically. We acquired 42 thousand retail customers and 332 corporate customers in Q4 alone. The number of mBank account holders increased by 235 thousand in all of 2013,” said mBank’s CEO.

The bank’s rebranding entered a new phase in Q4. The BRE and MultiBank brands were replaced by the mBank brand as of 25 November. The Group’s subsidiaries were also rebranded with new logos and names with the “m-“ prefix in 2013. mBank became a mature brand with an offer addressed to mass customers, affluent personal and private banking clients, as well as businesses, from microenterprises to the biggest corporations.

Another milestone of the year was the launch of new online banking for retail customers in June 2013. The new mBank was awarded the Digital and Mobile Excellence and the Most Disruptive Innovation in the global ranking of the best banking projects in the Distribution and Marketing Innovation Awards.mBank’s corporate banking had its milestones as well. mBank CompanyMobile, the market’s first mobile banking for corporate customers, was implemented in November 2013. It is a comprehensive solution which gives clients full control of corporate finance with a phone or a tablet, supported by four operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry). The new solution includes quick authorisation of orders and access to key information necessary in day-to-day management of the company's finance.

mBank was acknowledged by clients and external experts alike in Q4 2013. mBank ranked sixth in the Global Finance ranking of the Safest Emerging Markets Banks in Central & Eastern Europe. mBank was also recognized by Global Finance for the Best Online Treasury Services in the Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks category. mBank was the only Polish institution to be awarded in the World’s Best Internet Banks Awards 2013. mBank was also recognised for the mSaver promotion campaign in the annual marketing competition for the most effective advertising campaigns Effie.

Moreover, in November Forrester Research (USA), one of the world’s most recognised and acknowledged research and advisory providers, has published a special report on mBank’s new online banking solutions and innovations („mBank Builds A Next-Generation Online Banking Experience”). It is the first such report on a Polish financial institution and the Polish online industry overall. The report is supported by a detailed analysis and presents recommendations for all clients around the world implementing similar projects. Thus, mBank’s new online banking has become a benchmark for such projects.