Bank Innovation Awards 2014: mBank among the best again

Bank Innovation Awards 2014: mBank among the best again

The Polish bank receives another international award. This time in the USA.

Bank Innovation Awards celebrate innovative successes in the financial services sector. They are presented to companies that go beyond the obvious, either in product, process or method. This approach should help them produce innovations of particular note and boost their financial results.The Bank Innovation Awards are presented annually at the Bank Innovation Conference to financial institutions for their noteworthy innovation accomplishments. The conference was for the second time organised in Seattle, USA by Bank Innovation, one of the leading American financial sites specialising in innovations in the banking industry. The second edition of the competition saw three companies winning the awards - mBank was accompanied by Citi Latin America and U.S. Bank.

Present in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, mBank got recognition for the new transactional platform launched in 2013. As part of this project the bank delivered over 200 functionalities and improvements. With its state-of-the-art platform, mBank was able to not only offer clients a completely new banking experience, but also improve its sales figures significantly.

Of the other two institutions, Citi was rewarded for its mobile payment solution that allows for the replacement of cash in transactions between merchants and Citi clients. U.S. Bank was presented an award for its successful development of photo banking, making it easier to pay bills and execute other popular transactions.It was yet another international award for mBank. For the first time in the history of the Polish banking industry, a project developed in Poland has become an international benchmark for other ventures of this kind. This has been confirmed not only by various awards, such as the Bank Innovation Award, Efma Awards (for the best online and mobile banking worldwide and for the most disruptive innovation) and Finovate Award, but also with a report by Forrester Research, which called mBank an example to be followed when developing similar projects combining banking and e-commerce services.
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mBank licensed its electronic banking solution to a French partner

The internationally awarded mobile and internet banking platform will be offered to other financial institutions outside Poland. The first licence has been bought by France’s La Banque Postale. Accenture is mBank’s strategic partner and will help implement the solution at La Banque Postale. Licences for banking systems and retail banking know-how might be granted to other companies in the future. It is the first venture of this kind in the Polish finance industry.
mBank outpaces competition in terms of mobility

Forrester Research, a global research and advisory firm which analysed mobile banking solutions offered by European banks, appreciated the functionalities and user-friendliness of mBank’s application and ranked it second. At the same time, mBank’s app was hailed as the most convenient and user-friendly.
Mobile payments and many other functionalities in the new mobile app of mBank

mBank has just introduced a mobile app with the Android Pay functionality, the possibility of logging in with a fingerprint, also in the Android platform, and a display of clients’ spending rate to help them control their budget. The design of the app was inspired by users’ opinions and habits. All this to create a mobile tool that meets each and every expectation of its user.
mBank will invest EUR 50 million in new technologies for financial institutions

mBank will set up the first fund in Central and Eastern Europe that will specialise in developing and commercialising new technologies. The Polish bank wants to become one of the leaders shaping the financial sector’s digital transformation. The investment will be of benefit to mBank’s customers who will be the first to get access to the new solutions.