Orange Finanse: a bank in your smartphone on simple conditions

Orange Finanse: a bank in your smartphone on simple conditions

Imagine a bank account that you can open in just few clicks on your smartphone, straight from home, without signing any documents. Get even PLN 600 cashback on contactless transactions, a savings account paying 4 per cent interest on your money and a free starting credit limit that you can use once you activate the account. These are only some of the possibilities offered by Orange Finanse - a banking experience based on simple and clear conditions for people who value their time and want to access their money in a comfortable, fast and secure way.

Orange Finanse is a joint venture of Orange Polska, the operator of the largest high speed internet network in Poland and mBank, one of the most innovative banks worldwide.Orange Finanse combines the highest standards of mBank's mobile banking and Orange's extensive expertise in telecommunications solutions addressed to smartphone users. It is a tailor-made product designed to meet the needs of modern and demanding customers who are almost always online and expect solutions that are simple and user-friendly to the most extent possible. I believe that with its mobile application that gives the users the possibility of managing finances wherever they are, favourable conditions and a package of additional personalised benefits, Orange Finanse is just what customers have been waiting for. It is also yet another proof that in Orange customers get more, said Bruno Duthoit, CEO of Orange Polska. Within just six months we've created a simple, outstanding mobile banking solution dedicated to customers using the innovations delivered by Orange. We are thus setting standards in the market of financial services again by making the innovative banking experience even more accessible, said Cezary Stypułkowski, CEO of mBank. The collaboration with Orange offers us also a business opportunity for further, dynamic growth by delivering financial products to a new, attractive customer group using online and mobile solutions. We are expecting the cooperation with Orange to bring us around one million new customers over the next three years, Mr Stypułkowski added.

How to start

One does not need to visit a bank branch in order to open a bank account with Orange Finanse. It is enough to have a smartphone with the mobile application developed for the most popular platforms - Android and iOS. There is also no need to sign any documents, as customer data are verified by transferring PLN 1 from the user's account with other bank. With the use of the application it is also possible to check the account balance and available credit card limit as well as find the nearest ATM without logging in. The application enables its users to top up prepaid mobile phones and make transfers without entering the recipient's bank account number - it is enough to select his phone number in the smartphone's contact list or enter his Facebook name. Orange customers may use the mobile application fully free of charge, as they do not have to pay for data transfer.Orange Finanse products delivered by mBank are also available in the transaction service at and in about 900 Orange stores. The Internet transaction service supplementing the mobile application offers features such as an intelligent account history search tool making it possible to find a phrase after entering just three letters and a budget planner facilitating the management of household finances.Bank account, card and transfers for free

The Orange banking experience starts with the Personal Account with no opening and maintenance fees, available also in a version for young people from the age of 13 (Personal Account 13+).The offer includes domestic transfers, a debit card (issued also to the 13+ account) and a debit card in the form of a sticker that the user may place on a mobile device and pay for shopping with a mobile phone this way - all this completely free of charge. In the very near future Orange Finanse is also going to launch smartphone payments by giving the users the possibility of integrating their payment cards with the mobile application.Irrespective of its form, the Orange Finanse card gives also access to the Benefit Zone (Strefa Korzyści), a discount scheme offering customers personalised discounts. To use them it is enough to choose the offer one is interested in in the transaction service or mobile application and then pay for items using an Orange Finanse card. Transactions are settled automatically with money being paid back directly to the account.Special offers for new customers

Everyone opening an account with Orange Finanse may use special offers.Offers addressed to all customers:- within the first three months after opening an account every Orange Finanse user may use all domestic ATMs free of charge, irrespective of the number and type of transactions. After this period, the user can still use the card free of charge, if he makes at least five cashless transactions in a month with any Orange card or if he does not withdraw cash (the standard fee for ATM withdrawals is PLN 5 monthly, irrespective of the number of transactions). Customers between 13 and 18 years old do not have to fulfil this condition. They do not pay for card transactions at all;- Starting limit - a PLN 1,000 revolving loan, available at the time of applying for the Personal Account that the customer may use immediately after opening the account. No commission is charged on limit activation. The product is offered at 0 per cent interest during the first six months. After this period the interest is only 12.49 per cent for the next twelve months.- 4 per cent interest p.a. in the savings account during the first six months on funds worth less than PLN 25 thousand in total.

Customers are also offered traditional term deposits with fixed interest rates for three, six and twelve months.Special offers for Orange Polska customers:

- Orange Polska customers get 5 per cent back on each transaction when paying with the debit card sticker. A single customer may earn even PLN 600 cashback in six months. To use the special offer, one has to make five cashless transactions with any Orange Finanse card in each month and pay one invoice for Orange Polska services using the Personal Account with Orange Finanse;
- additionally, after making at least five freely selected cashless transactions Orange customers get a prepaid phone top-up worth even PLN 60 (maximally PLN 20 a month in three consecutive months).What's more, both offers may be combined. It means that the same transaction is recognised against the offer addressed to both post-paid and prepaid mobile phone users.

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