mBank’s best transactional service in Europe

mBank’s best transactional service in Europe

Present in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, mBank already got international recognition for the new transactional platform launched in 2013. As part of this project the bank delivered over 200 functionalities and improvements. With its state-of-the-art platform, mBank was able to not only offer clients a completely new banking experience, but also improve its sales figures significantly.

Unique design

mBank’s transactional service has unique design – it is clear, aesthetic and functional with key information being always at hand thanks to a wide-scale use of HTML 5. The service provides also animations presented in an intuitive form, which makes it easier for the user to understand data that are hard to present intelligibly in traditional tables such as account history. The service has been designed in line with modern principles of ergonomics, which reduces the required number of clicks by 80-90 per cent compared to the previous version.

Search engine

The service offers a smart search engine giving the user the possibility of browsing transaction history as easy and fast as in an internet search engine. Most probable results appear after typing the three initial letters of the keyword as the search engine can “guess” previously used phrases. The bank allows users to search for transactions by category, amount range and other details. Searching is effective thanks to a feature enabling the user to add and edit categories, tags and comments to transactions. This makes the search engine context-dependent.

Methods of payment

Traditional online transfers have been redesigned in order to reduce the number of clicks to only three. New features include series of transfers to the same recipient in different time intervals selected by the customer. Furthermore, the system stores maximum quantity of data previously entered by the user and provides context-dependent content in the transfer form. New low value transfers are now available for current out-of-pocket expenses with money transferred using text messages and Facebook. Customers no longer have to remember or ask for the recipient’s account number and can use phone numbers or social network connections instead.

Personal Finance Management

mBank’s new transactional service facilitates also the management of household budget with its Personal Finance Management functionality (PFM), providing users with clear information on when and how they spend money and presenting a forecast for the rest of the month. Customers can avoid unpleasant surprises in the account balance. PFM automatically categorises each transaction ordered by the customer, for instance, as a payment for groceries, sports and hobbies or utilities. Customers may also modify the category of each transaction. Furthermore, the bank uses account history to prepare personalised analyses and charts to help customers better control expenses belonging to each category.mOkazje – tailor-made discounts

mOkazje is a discount programme which allows shoppers to earn as they spend without extra effort thanks to cashback features. The programme is available on Facebook, in the mobile application and directly in the transactional service. Customers may decide on their own which offers suit them best. The bank negotiates discounts with partners whose products and services are popular with customers and presents special offers according to user profiles. Offers are selected automatically, on customers’ approval, based on the account history. All that the customer has to do in order to get a discount is to pay with an mBank card. The application provides access to discounts prepared on the basis of the customer’s profile and spending patterns.. The bank provides partners with an opportunity to reach customers that are really interested in a given offer.Investment Funds Supermarket

Investment Funds Supermarket is a free of charge online platform, unique on the Polish market, which enables clients to purchase and sell units of over 200 funds offered by 17 investment funds in an independent manner and without any administration fees. Thanks to IFS client has immediate access to all crucial information on the total balance and the structure of his portfolio (list and current value of funds held as well as information on existing return on investments). Data are presented in a transparent manner, with many charts used. The platform presents the TOP 3 most popular funds as well. The system also calculates how much a client would have earned if he/she had invested one thousand zlotys one year earlier. Also in this part of the service clients have access to a simple browser, known from Google. One just has to type any word in the search box, for instance China or infrastructure, and the system finds all funds which contain a given word in their name or in the description of their investment policy.FX platform for SME clientsmPlatforma Walutowa (FX platform) is a tool which from the very beginning was developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is available directly in the transactional service, that is why a client does not need any additional logins or passwords. Two clicks are enough to purchase or sell the currency. At the same time, each client obtains support from a dealer who takes charge of observing the market situation and waiting for the best moments when the exchange rate is favourable for the client's company. Apart from the standard purchase/sell FX transaction, clients may submit exchange rate tenders.

Online expertA virtual outlet, available in the transactional service, integrates traditional access channels, i.e. the mLinia call center, the classic bank outlet and information chat in text form. At any moment, around the clock, clients may obtain support from an online expert, when purchasing new products and during their day-to-day banking operations. The advantage of this solution, especially when compared to a telephone conversation, is the fact that multimedia materials may be presented directly on the client's screen.

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