mBank the best again: light outlets and mobile application awarded

mBank the best again: light outlets and mobile application awarded

mBank was once again internationally recognised, as it was named the “Best of Show” in this year’s edition of the Finovate conference for the project of modern light banking outlets. Users appreciated also the mobile application of the bank, which received an award during the Mobile Trend Awards 2014 gala.

Conferences with the Finovate logo are among the most important in the world and also the most interesting meetings concerning the future of technology in banking and finance. They attract companies and start-ups as well as journalists and bloggers from all over the world, becoming a discussion forum for the issues regarding the development directions of the entire financial sector. This year it has been already the third time that mBank appeared on Finovate. In previous editions the bank also received awards, including: „Best of Show” – in London in 2013 for the project mOkazje and fast transfers, in New York for the transaction service and video-calls with advisors.

This year the presentation of mBank and its partner i3D received the title of the best innovation for the project of light outlets and the extraordinary use of modern technologies in them, such as:
- large-format walls comprising screens with unlimited number of touch-sensitive points and innovative graphical interfaces,motion detection technology and facial recognition technology in order to dynamically adjust contents presented on the screens,
- tools supporting clients’ interaction with advisors at outlets.

The project of ultra-modern light banking outlets located in shopping centres is a part of a complex plan of redevelopment of the sales network scheduled for a few years, consisting in creating redesigned branches and advisory centres on the basis of the current structure.

mBank was also recognised at this year’s Mobile Trend Awards 2014 gala, where it received not only the first prize in the category of the best mobile banking, but also the special award, i.e. an award for the application which was the most voted for by Internet users. mBank competed in that poll not only with banking applications, but also those from the e-commerce, information and video sectors. Thus, Internet users decided that mBank offered the most interesting mobile solution in 2014.