The Growth Continues: BRE Bank Group Results in Q1 2008

The BRE Bank Group reported a consolidated profit before tax at PLN 427.6 million (net profit at PLN 350 million) in Q1 2008, up by 145% year on year. All the business lines and strategic subsidiaries of the Group grew dynamically in continuation of the upward trend obse...
New President, Management Board and Supervisory Board of BRE Bank

14 March 2008. The new Supervisory Board of BRE Bank elected Mariusz Grendowicz as President of the Management Board of BRE Bank SA. He will replace Sławomir Lachowski, who was President from November 2004 to March 2008. 
Change in the BRE Bank Management Board

Following organizational change in the Commerzbank Group, the majority shareholder of BRE Bank, the composition of the BRE Bank Management Board will change. 
Results of the BRE Bank Group: Summary of 2007

The best financial results this decadeHigh return on equityDynamically growing profitability in all strategic areasRecommendation to retain the 2007 profit for further growth of the BankPlans and priorities 2008 In 2007, the BRE Bank Group generated the best financial re...
High profitability and plans of further expansion: BRE Bank Group Q3 2007 results

Maintained high profitability of regular business: profit before tax PLN 749.8 million, ROE 37.8%Dynamic growth in lending and depositsmBank expansion to the Czech Republic and SlovakiaIn Q1-3 2007, the BRE Bank Group generated a consolidated profit before tax of PLN 749...
Profitable Growth: BRE Bank Group Q2 2007 Results

ROE at 33.5% before tax81% of the pre-tax profit contributed by the core businessFurther strengthening of the position in strategic business areasThe BRE Bank Group closed H1 2007 with a consolidated profit before tax at PLN 530.6 million, up 113% year on year. The profi...
Closer to the Customers: BRE Bank Group Q1 2007 Results

High profitability of regular business operations Fast growth in Retail Banking business and profitabilityIntegration of Corporate and Investment BankingThe BRE Bank Group generated a consolidated profit before tax of PLN 295.87 million* in Q1 2007, up 170% year on year ...
BRE Bank Group’s Best Financial Results This Decade

BRE Bank’s annual consolidated profit at PLN 576.4 million pre-tax and PLN 421.3 million net BREactivation starts to generate expected results: good results of corporate bankingHighest retail banking profit ever, up by a factor of 6 YoYAnother excellent year for investme...
Dynamic Growth of BRE Bank’s Profitability

BRE Group’s original annual profit target exceeded after Q3. New target: PLN 490 million pre-tax PLN 403.4 million of BRE Bank’s consolidated pre-tax profit and PLN 306.0 million of net profit after Q3Up to number 2 in mortgage lending (July-August 2006)Important step in...