BRE Bank Group’s 2009 Financial Results

Poles save in and choose BRE Bank (480 thousand new clients and PLN 5.1 billion raised in deposits). Record-breaking income. Cost/Income ratio the best in five years. BREnova: 2009 goals accomplished. 
Q3 2009 Results of the BRE Bank Group

BRE Bank maintains a high stable income level: PLN 724.1 million in Q3PLN 72.5 million of net profitCost discipline: the cost/income ratio fell to 51.5%Provisions: the responsible approach - problem of FX options solvedQ4 will see higher planned costs but with effective ...
Improved efficiency in difficult times- BRE Bank Group results in Q2 2009

Q2 results affected by high provisionsRising income - sound business fundamentals.Continued recovery of deposits - we grow four times faster than the market!Costs under control - the successful BREnova project!Results affected by high provisionsIn Q2 2009, BRE Bank repor...
Letter from the President of the Management Board of BRE Bank

Dear Sirs,today we have presented results of the BRE Bank Group for Q1 2009. I find them important for a number of reasons.  I have been acting as President of the Management Board of BRE Bank since March 2008.  A lot of things have happened in that time not only inside ...
New Management Board member for investment banking at BRE Bank

At the coming meeting of the Supervisory Board of BRE Bank, Maciej Leśny, the Chairman will recommend Hans-Dieter Kemler as Management Board member responsible for investment banking. Mr. Kemler will replace Bernd Loewen who handed in his resignation in March 2009. 
Group results- summary of 2008

BRE Bank strengthens the core business- Profit before tax of PLN 1.00 billion. BRE Bank accomplishes the set up targets- Q4 results under pressure of exceptionally difficult market conditions- BRE Nova – sustainable business model for market challenges.In 2008, the BRE B...
“High profitability of business, growing volumes and customer base” – The BRE Bank Group in Q1-3 2008.

The BRE Bank Group generated a profit before tax of PLN 981.2 million (PLN 842.8 million net) at the end of September 2008, up by 30.9% year on year. The ROE before tax was 39.9% (37.8% in 2007).
A new Board Member for Finance at BRE Bank

At the meeting of BRE Bank’s Supervisory Board on September 5, its Chairman, Maciej Leśny, will recommend Karin Katerbau as a candidate for position of the Board Member for Finance. Ms. Katerbau will replace in this position Andre Carls - Vice-President for Finance who i...
„Stable increase of market share”- BRE Bank Group after the first half of 2008

BRE Bank Group closed the first half of 2008 with a consolidated gross profit of PLN 721.0 million (PLN 640.3 million net), indicating a 35.9% growth against similar period last year.