The new mBank is the most disruptive innovation in the world

mBank was named the best on-line and mobile bank.
The net profit of the BRE Bank Group was close to PLN 600 million in H1 2013

The net profit of the BRE Bank Group was close to PLN 600 million in H1 2013. The Bank acquired more than 40 thousand new clients. It also launched new mBank, the transactional service for retail clients in a completely new format.
mBank Is Changing. New Logo, Transactional Service, Expanded Offer

mBank’s new transactional service, built from scratch, has now been launched. Along with it, the bank has refreshed its image with a completely new logo, which will replace BRE Group’s other brands later this year. mBank is also launching the new Premium Offer for afflue...
BRE Bank reports PLN 324 million in profit and acquires more than 93 thousand new clients

In Q1 2013, BRE Bank Group made a profit of PLN 323.9 million, which represents an increase by 18.8 percent compared to Q4 2012 and only a 2 percent decrease year on year.
BRE Bank after 2012: 4.1 million clients and PLN 1.2 billion in profit

Net profit of BRE Bank Group exceeded PLN 1.2 billion, which represents a rise by 6% compared to the very good 2011. The number of clients serviced by mBank and MultiBank exceeded 4.1 million. Moreover, BRE is continuously enhancing its effectiveness - the cost to income...
BRE’s stable results and over 4 million clients

In Q3 2012, BRE Bank Group made a net profit of PLN 280 million with an income of PLN 917.7 million. In Q1-3 2012, the profit attributable to the shareholders of the bank was PLN 930.7 million, an increase of 9.5 percent year on year. The number of the bank’s clients cro...
BRE’s Very Good Quarter. New Strategy

Growing revenues and high efficiency were the main drivers of BRE Bank Group’s profit in Q2 2012. The net profit was close to PLN 320 million while the cost/income ratio was 43.5 percent. The Bank published a new strategy which focuses on integration of all offered servi...
Another Effective Quarter. BRE Invests in Its Future.

BRE Bank Group generated a net profit of more than PLN 330 million in Q1 2012. The steady growth in income combined with a strict cost discipline ensured better effectiveness. The cost/income ratio decreased to 42.8 percent while ROE net stabilised at 16.3 percent.
Katerbau is going to leave BRE in H1 2012

During its meeting on December 8th, 2011, the Supervisory Board of Oldenburgische Landesbank nominated Ms. Karin Katerbau as Member of the Board of Managing Directors.