mBank has one million active users of mobile banking

mBank has one million active users of mobile banking

By phone or tablet, via an application or a light transaction service - this is how mBank clients use mobile banking. Their number is still growing and has just exceeded one million.

Just four years ago mobile banking was available in only a few banks, and was not very popular among clients. In 2011 Instytut Badania Opinii Homo Homini, a public opinion research agency, asked bank clients whether they knew what mobile banking was. Only half of them did, and only 3.5 per cent of respondents logged into their account this way.

Since then mobile banking has become much more popular. This was due to, among others, changes on the market. According to the newest report “POLSKA.JEST.MOBI” [POLAND.IS.MOBI], the saturation of smartphones among adults reached 58 per cent. Poles aged 15 or more already have 19 million smartphones.

At mBank the number of clients who use mobile devices in banking is still growing and after Q2 2015 it exceeded 1 million.Although this number is impressive, we are aware there is still a long way to go before mobile banking services replace the traditional Internet channel for good. Nevertheless, mobile banking still has great growth potential, which was proven by our analyses. They show that nearly 75 per cent of all of our clients had contact with this form of banking. This is because some clients use it occasionally, e.g. during summer holidays.  It is our ambition to make the mobile channel more popular also among them, said Robert Hibner, head of electronic channels development division at mBank.

mBank data show that clients connect with the bank using Android devices - nearly 60 per cent of users. Second on the list is iOS for Apple devices (30 per cent), followed by Windows Phone (11 per cent).

Mobile clients have at their disposal a functional and an award-winning mobile application, recognised by Forrester Research, a global consultancy, as one of the best mobile applications in the world, and a light transaction service as well as a complete transaction service, which is easy to use on mobile devices.

 mBank mobile banking:

- is available in the form of an application for the most popular operational systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone,
- guarantees quick and easy access to the most important information - even without logging into the application you can check your account balance,
- guarantees security owing to the process of synchronising (pairing) the application with the account executed in the electronic banking application alone or the electronic banking service,
- is functional, makes P2P transfers available which do not require you to know the account number of the recipient and allows for paying invoices by scanning QR codes,
- allows you to locate discounts with mOkazje, a discount program, based on geolocation.
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The internationally awarded mobile and internet banking platform will be offered to other financial institutions outside Poland. The first licence has been bought by France’s La Banque Postale. Accenture is mBank’s strategic partner and will help implement the solution at La Banque Postale. Licences for banking systems and retail banking know-how might be granted to other companies in the future. It is the first venture of this kind in the Polish finance industry.
mBank outpaces competition in terms of mobility

Forrester Research, a global research and advisory firm which analysed mobile banking solutions offered by European banks, appreciated the functionalities and user-friendliness of mBank’s application and ranked it second. At the same time, mBank’s app was hailed as the most convenient and user-friendly.
Mobile payments and many other functionalities in the new mobile app of mBank

mBank has just introduced a mobile app with the Android Pay functionality, the possibility of logging in with a fingerprint, also in the Android platform, and a display of clients’ spending rate to help them control their budget. The design of the app was inspired by users’ opinions and habits. All this to create a mobile tool that meets each and every expectation of its user.
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